the Eucharist and chalice

E is for Eucharist

Eucharist – Okay, so I’m probably not the most original Catholic to be writing today. I’m guessing many Catholics would choose E is for Eucharist in our A to Z Challenge, but there’s a reason for that. The Eucharist is something, or should I say, someone special. For me, the Eucharist is what kept me …

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Divorced Catholics – Disappointment With Catholic Church Family

Divorced Catholics often experience a feeling of isolation, isolation from family and friends as well as from the Catholic Church. Even among those who want to help, there can be a painful disconnect between the busy intact family’s life and the fundamentally broken life of a divorced family. Recently, I spoke of my experiences to …

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I Don’t Love You Anymore

What do you do when the man who promised to love you forever says he doesn’t love you anymore? I know. It happened to me when my husband told me this and suddenly left me pregnant with our fifth little boy.