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Taking My Boys to Confession – One Way or Another!

Noah and Me

Confession is a big deal for Catholics who understand its purpose. It helps us think about sins we have committed, how our sins affect others, and how we can live a better, more Christ-reflective life. More importantly, confession teaches us about forgiveness, forgiveness for things we have done and forgiveness for things that have been…

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Waiting in Family Court

Scales of Justce

I sit here writing this post from the family court lobby, waiting for our case to be heard, hoping to collect some back child support and resolve some other outstanding issues. I find myself surprised to be surprised that I am shaking from being here once again. It is amazing that the family court experience…

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My Husband Left Me Pregnant and Alone

1 Mom and 5 Boys

Even before being left pregnant and alone, my life was full of those tragic events that make a good story … when they happen to someone else, so when my husband left me pregnant, I hoped I could use the pain of abandonment and experiences of abuse I’d endured to help others.

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