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Hey Mom, You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Mom You're Not the Boss of Me - Single Mom Smiling Jesus

My kids seldom say the words, but I’ve seen the look on their faces. They’ve seen me at my worst, not the me that writes in composed fashion on Single Mom Smiling, not the me that now has the confidence and the Peace that allows me to coach other women through transition, but the me…

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Misplaced Belief, Broken Promises, Trusting & Loving Again

Pregnant - Trusting & Loving Again

How many times have you put your trust in someone only to have him or her shatter that trust like glass slammed down on a hot sidewalk? How many times have you believed someone when he told you he loved you only to find out later that love was based on conditions you couldn’t meet or that were…

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Calling Out Again and Again…

Keep Calling Out - Gospel Blind Man Cane - Single Mom Smiling

“Mommy, MOMMY, MOOOOOMMMMYYY!!!!“ It’s funny, not in a laugh out loud sort of way, but in a funny, sweet, melt your heart kind of way. I’ve always been the parent my kids went to when something was wrong. When they didn’t feel well, they wanted to cuddle with Mom. When something bad happened at school they came home…

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You Were Crushed As God Looked On

Family in God's Hands

They looked upon the sleeping, hand-holding couple, two joined as one flesh as witnessed by the baby growing in the woman’s womb, adults sleeping, unaware of an other presence in their bedroom. All would appear as should be to an outsider, just as it did to the woman, yet inside the heart of the man there was a restlessness growing…

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