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Arrogance or Humility, Defeat or Moving On…

Woman in Defeat

It’s easy to cast fingers in divorce. Society claims there are two sides to every story. It claims that no one is innocent in Marriage. Even friends and family repeat harmful phrases about everyone deserving to be happy. What makes those phrases so wrong? There is truth in each of them after all. We all make mistakes.…

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Freedom to Be the Shepherd’s Voice in Divorce

Freedom Shepherd's Voice Divorce - Sheep Sunset

Divorce is an unspeakable loss, but losses seldom leave vacuums, and what you fill those losses with helps determine outlooks and outcomes, not just for you, but for those you meet as well It’s important to realize this is especially true for your children. For many, the emptiness of loss will merely be replaced with noise similar to…

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Into the Cloud

Into the Cloud Cloud and Mountain - Single Mom Smiling

Did you ever get the feeling you had a black cloud hanging over you, like nothing is going right? Maybe you’ve felt like you’re in such a  deep hole, nothing ever will go right, that no matter what you do, you’re trapped in the shadows, that storms were sent specifically to rock your boat, that every move…

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God, What Should I Do?

Stop Sign - Discern God's Call Post Divorce

Have you ever felt lost, alone, confused, unsure of what to do next, unsure of what your calling is? Do you ever sit back and wonder what God is asking of you? Maybe there was a time you knew your calling. You were to be a Wife and a Mother, a caretaker, a healer, a child’s…

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