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When Your World Crumbles Remember Where Your Home Is

When Your World Crumbles, Remember Where Your Home Is - Single Mom Gospel

Jesus looked at His accuser, “My kingdom does not belong to this world.” I can’t count the number of times I sat in courtrooms awaiting judgment, wondering what injustice would be brought upon my children and me next, confused by what was happening and the fact that no one wanted to hear my side, frightened by the man…

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Divorce & the Fair Division of Property

divorce - division of property & Gospel

Divorce is a combination of lies – so many big, ugly, hard-hearted lies, so many glorious carrots dangled in front of the face of any jackass who believes divorce solves problems. Pardon my language. I almost never cuss, but I’m angry and disappointed and stopping just short of stamping my feet, balling my fists, and…

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Divorce & the Hardness of Your Heart

Sunday’s Gospel reading had me thinking about the divorce and the hardness of man’s heart. We know, KNOW, KNOW those seeking divorce use any excuse to justify their reasoning and their actions. Some reasons are more justified than others and occasionally, as in cases of real abuse, separating from one’s spouse is necessary, but in…

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Pluck Out Your Eye or Choose to Love

Single Mom Divorce Post - Pluck Out YourEye or Choose Love - Eyeball

If your hand leads you to sin, cut it off. If your eye leads you to sin, pluck it out. John 17 These are the words spoken in Sunday’s Gospel. Sounds kind of harsh, doesn’t it? We often think of the words spoken in this Gospel as hypothetical examples of the extreme. Jesus  didn’t really mean cut off…

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I am THE Greatest!

I Am The Greatest

We moved into this house in a rush. I was a little down about having to leave the house I thought we’d live in forever, the house I thought my ex and I would welcome grandchildren in for sleepovers and host family barbecues like those my Grandparents threw. Moving into this house didn’t leave me the…

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