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Defining God

Defining God - Sun through trees

How well do you really know the Lord? Quick! Before reading any more, grab a paper and pencil and jot down all the names you can think that mean God in some way. Because my boys will soon be awake and starting all the still-sleepy-rush-to-get-out-the-door morning insanity, I’m going to set my timer for two minutes and list what…

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Divorce & the Holy Spirit: Fire, Wind, & a New Language

divorce, Holy Spirit - Fire, Wind, Language - Woman Silhouette flying away

I’m sure Biblical scholars would give reasons far better than I about why wind and fire were chosen by the Holy Spirit, but, as I sat in the pews last Sunday and read the week’s Bible passages, I was again struck by the appearance of the Holy Spirit and how significant His appearance is for anyone…

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In Divorce, I Met the Holy Spirit

divorce, Holy Spirit - Silhouette Woman, Sunset

I made Confirmation in sixth grade. Big deal. I graduated from the right side of my small public school to my junior/senior high school on the left side of the building that same year. More people came to that so if you’re basing importance on people, I’d guess sixth grade graduation was more important. As…

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Life in the Upper Room – Waiting after Divorce

divorced woman empty room

What was going through the minds of Mary, the disciples, and Jesus’ followers as they sat in the Upper Room? Did they exchange eye contact? Did they talk in whispers? Just how afraid were they? Did they, even KNOWING, after SEEING with their own eyes and TOUCHING with their own hands, still question whether Jesus would keep His word?…

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