Santa’s Midlife Crisis – A New Improved Santa (Book – part 2)

A New Improved Santa by Patricia Rae Wolff is one of my favorite Christmas books. In A New Improved Santa, Santa has a major mid-life crisis and decides he needs to be cooler, hipper, more improved. Santa changes his hair color. It’s red. It’s black. He changes his hair style. It’s braided. It’s spiked. He changes …

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The windy Road


Forgiveness Sometimes we are hurt so badly it seems impossible to forgive. Holding on to anger seems like the best way to keep the pain from seeping in too deeply, but at the same time, it does not allow our wounds to be cleansed. When my husband left, I was overwhelmed with shock and grief. …

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I Don’t Love You Anymore

What do you do when the man who promised to love you forever says he doesn’t love you anymore? I know. It happened to me when my husband told me this and suddenly left me pregnant with our fifth little boy.