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The Difference Between You & Jesus

All right, so you’re not God. We can pretty much agree on that. I’m guessing that if you were God, you’d have changed your life around a bit, made things a little easier on yourself, on some loved ones, and even on some worthy strangers. Would you have made things more difficult for some others too? If you’re…

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You Were Crushed As God Looked On

Family in God's Hands

They looked upon the sleeping, hand-holding couple, two joined as one flesh as witnessed by the baby growing in the woman’s womb, adults sleeping, unaware of an other presence in their bedroom. All would appear as should be to an outsider, just as it did to the woman, yet inside the heart of the man there was a restlessness growing…

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Death vs. Divorce – Lessons from Isaiah 25

Cross - grave stone with light beaming through!

On a “normal” Monday (I’m a single Mom of five boys. Nothing in our lives is “normal!” 😉 ) I’d talk about Sunday’s Gospel reading and how it applies to hurting families. Today, I couldn’t look at just the Gospel. Today, every reading struck me as so applicable to what so many of us are facing, so…

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