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The Wounds of Love

Wounds on Hands of Married Couple

I use very few guest posts on SingleMomSmiling mostly because submissions do not fit my message of hope and healing through the Lord. Pretty much anyone can write a piece on divorce nowadays. It takes someone special to see God working through it. This post is written by one of those special people. Poet of…

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More Than You Ever Imagined…Rise & Walk!

Old Painting of Saints (Perhaps Peter and John)

Crippled from birth, you sit, placed outside the “Beautiful Gate.” Recognizing the irony, you look down at your legs, legs you know will never walk through that “Beautiful Gate.” Your family brings you here to beg for alms each day. You hope to make just enough to cover necessities so you won’t become a greater burden. With little money, you try…

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Mom, Give Me Something Good – Like Pasta


You know those days when you work and work and work to provide something really good for your family,… …and there’s just very limited appreciation. All right, Let’s face it… …there’s NO appreciation??? Normally, we are a pasta three to five times a week family:  pasta with sauce, boxed macaroni and cheese with processed orange powder stuff…

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Who is The Living God? Jesus Christ!

The Living God is Jesus Christ A friend sent the following message to me in an email: Jesus died over 2,000 years ago. Nobody has ever referred to him as the late Jesus, not even those who do not believe!  Nowhere in history has he been referred to in the past tense! He is the Living God! Have…

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Selfish Suffering – My Lesson in Humility

Last night I was suffering in great pain when I wrote about being a single parent and the pain of the other woman. By the time I finished, it was about 1:00 in the morning, and I was too tired to add a photo. This morning I reread what I’d written, cringing in some spots and struggling…

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