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In God We Trust & the Death of Antonin Scalia

I sat in the courtroom. The papers I held in my hand dictated the inevitable. There was nothing I could do about it, and I sat watching and waiting for my turn to be called. I didn’t know it would be like this. Who could have? This is sitting in a crowded courtroom on hard benches in front of…

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Family Court Results – Kicked in the Gut

Kicked in the gut. That’s the only way I can describe how it felt to sit in family court again today. My ex did not even show up. I sat there while my ex husband, his girlfriend, and one of our five boys vacations on the shore, and I listened to a junior attorney explain…

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Waiting in Family Court

Scales of Justce

I sit here writing this post from the family court lobby, waiting for our case to be heard, hoping to collect some back child support and resolve some other outstanding issues. I find myself surprised to be surprised that I am shaking from being here once again. It is amazing that the family court experience…

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