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A New Beginning! God’s Perfect Timing.

Butterfly & Flower

Five years and four months ago my ex-husband made his sudden announcement. Five years and four months ago, I began the most incredible journey filled with more hardship and struggle, pain and fear and heartache than I could ever have envisioned. Five years and four months ago I would have traded almost anything to have…

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A Visit to the Shrine of Saint Anne – Our Summer in Pictures

Charity from The Wounded Dove asked us to post a week in pictures. I, unwisely, began posting pictures from our sumer vacation and decided to split it into two posts. This portion is from our trip to the Shrine of Saint Anne in Massachusetts. Whenever we go away, I try to incorporate some aspect of faith into…

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The Summer in Pictures – Life with 5 Boys

Slingshot and the boys

I’m back in the linkup with Charity from the Wounded Dove. For today’s post, Charity asked us to post our week in pictures. I’m bending the rules a bit and posting pictures from the summer. Unfortunately, my camera is still missing so you’re getting some of the significantly less than perfect mobile uploads I’ve got…

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Home From Boy Scout Camp-Finally! Part I

Boys Scouts ready for camp

Matt, George, and Noah got to go to Boy Scout Camp thanks to an incredibly generous donation from an anonymous donor, but by the end of the first day, one of my boys was already begging to come home and another was angry at me for sending him (Even though he had wanted to go…

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