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Catholic Divorce, Loneliness, & Believing this Christmas

Catholic Divorce, Loneliness, Christmas - red & green ball ornaments

The Christmas season is one of my favorites. The air is crisp. The house is warm. The aroma of pine boughs woven through railings, of fires dancing in the hearth, and of cookies baking in the oven delights us. Laughter and singing and bells ring out joyfully. Even the colors, whether you favor traditional bright greens and reds or…

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Loneliness – Some Days are Better than Others

  When dealing with loneliness, some days are better than others. Not that today was terrible, but… I won’t go into everything about today. It was pretty much a typical day and when I just typed it out it was exhausting and sounded like I was complaining. That is not at all what I want. I…

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