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Not Being Loved on Valentine’s Day

Unloved on Valentine's Day - Single Mom Heart in Darkness

Valentine’s Day may be one of the most dreaded holidays for the divorced and separated, maybe more so for Christians who understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day and what Saint Valentine, a man who strove to bring Love to the world, would have wanted his special day to mean. Today we associate Valentine’s Day with cards…

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Attraversiamo – 2016, A Time to Cross Over…

Pieces of Broken Glass & Changes for 2016

The healing process takes time…a long time…a lifetime. Injuries to the body cause physical wounds others can sympathize with, but injuries to the heart and soul are different, hidden, buried. Injuries to the heart cry out in personal, sometimes humiliating ways. They cause holes that refuse to remain empty for long, eventually filling with either a new…

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Catholic Divorce, Loneliness, & Believing this Christmas

Catholic Divorce, Loneliness, Christmas - red & green ball ornaments

The Christmas season is one of my favorites. The air is crisp. The house is warm. The aroma of pine boughs woven through railings, of fires dancing in the hearth, and of cookies baking in the oven delights us. Laughter and singing and bells ring out joyfully. Even the colors, whether you favor traditional bright greens and reds or…

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6 Reasons to Encourage Your Children to Love Your Ex

Reasons to Encourage Kids To Love Your Ex - An Open Door on a flight of stairs

You stand in your doorway and watch as children tumble out past you, running in their ever-running childish state. They are enthusiastic and cheerful and running toward the car waiting by the curb. “Bye Mom,” they shout climbing over each other to get into the car. And you stand in your doorway, smiling until you…

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