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Strahlen Live 8:30 AM EST Friday, June 10, 2016

Catholic Stand Relevant Radio Morning Air

The article I wrote for Catholic Stand entitled See Something? Say Something caught the attention of Relevant Radio’s Morning Air with John Harper, and I’ve been asked to be a guest tomorrow morning! The article focused on New York’s policy of, “If you see something suspicious. Say something to somebody who can do something about it!” I spoke…

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A Star to Guide Your Way…

Star to Guide Your Way Catholic divorce

What do the Gospel of Matthew, a Gecio horror movie spoof, and darkness have to do with your story and your Right Path? As a single Mom of five boys, I’ve learned that everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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Misplaced Belief, Broken Promises, Trusting & Loving Again

Pregnant - Trusting & Loving Again

How many times have you put your trust in someone only to have him or her shatter that trust like glass slammed down on a hot sidewalk? How many times have you believed someone when he told you he loved you only to find out later that love was based on conditions you couldn’t meet or that were…

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