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Marian Consecration Anniversary – God Is Love. I Am Not.

Marian Consecration Catholic Church God is Love!

One year ago I made my Consecration to Jesus through Mary on February 11th, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. I’m still processing the awesome reality of lasting change that can only have come through giving myself in Marian Consecration. I’m still in wonder over God’s Grace permitting a poor wretch like me to Consecrate myself to Jesus’ Immaculate…

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Coincidences & the Final Meeting in Marian Consecration

snowy path

Three of the first four Tuesdays of our Marian Consecration had been snowed out. I wondered if it was a sign and knew, if the fifth and final Tuesday was also snowed out, that would be the end of it for me. The snow stopped with just enough time for the final meeting before the Consecration to…

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Hunger, Thirst, & Giving My Heart in Marian Consecration

spilling swine glass

I was a child stuck on my path toward Marian Consecration. I could see Mary and the Lord so close on that path but unreachable miles from where my own thoughts had led me. Up ahead, they stood side by side, arms around one another and opened to welcome me. Long, flowing robes made it impossible for me to see where…

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