Noah and Me

Taking My Boys to Confession – One Way or Another!

Confession is a big deal for Catholics who understand its purpose. It helps us think about sins we have committed, how our sins affect others, and how we can live a better, more Christ-reflective life. More importantly, confession teaches us about forgiveness, forgiveness for things we have done and forgiveness for things that have been …

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Spies Like Us!

It was one of my four “kidless” days each month. I had worked through lunch and dinner and survived on nothing but two eggs, toast and coffee – lots of coffee, and Diet Coke – LOTS of Diet Coke. I had just driven an hour and a half round trip to pick the boys up …

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Pumpkin Carving with Noah

Last week I took a day off from work to help Noah’s class with pumpkin carving. I know we need the little money I make, but I decided long ago that money would never be more important than spending time with my children when they need me to. If I had any doubts (which I didn’t!) about taking the day …

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