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5 Points to Embracing Your Children as a Single Mom

*The following is a guest post by Donna Morgese I’m a Mother, who believes in the Holy Spirit, works hard, and thrives off the magical moments of faith, but I still find myself dealing with revolving challenges from this noisy world, full of distractions. When these feelings strike, a few good antidotes help me get through. As…

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Hey Mom, You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Mom You're Not the Boss of Me - Single Mom Smiling Jesus

My kids seldom say the words, but I’ve seen the look on their faces. They’ve seen me at my worst, not the me that writes in composed fashion on Single Mom Smiling, not the me that now has the confidence and the Peace that allows me to coach other women through transition, but the me…

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“But God, I Don’t Know How to Pray”

Altar with Stained Glass holy Spirit red tongue of fire

*This article originally appeared on Catholic Stand, where I am a monthly contributor. Please check out all the great articles there. I lay there, cuddled in bed with my littlest guy and reminded him we needed to say bedtime prayers before our story. He looked at me with those big beautiful, innocent eyes and said,…

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My Favorite Parenting Books

Books I use

Today, I am again linking up with Charity from The Wounded Dove for Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom. Today, Charity has asked fellow bloggers to write about their favorite parenting books – How to choose???? I read so many of them! Okay – time to scratch all that!!! Charity said it’s time to get real and…

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A Parent Knows…

crying baby

That the screech emitted from the child next to me was definitely not happy was evident long before it began reverberating off the walls of the once quiet church, and I turned to look at the small creature who had turned my head so quickly. How had this teeny little angel of just a few months,…

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