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Mary’s Yes & Filters of Grace

Statue of Virgin Mary in Prayer

The second line crept slowly across the end of the stick in my hand. Pregnant. Again. I put the stick on the edge of the bathroom sink and looked in the mirror, meeting my own eyes as they stared back at me. How would I tell my husband? How would I tell others who would…

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A Baby Due on Christmas Day

Sonogram of Baby due on Christmas Day

We laughed hearing the due date – Our Baby was due on Christmas Day! The Christmas season has always been my favorite time of the year, and Christmas Day has always been my favorite day of the year. To have a Baby born on this day would be just immeasurable Joy, but really…how many babies are actually born…

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B is for Baby. A Surprise? Definitely. Unplanned? Not At All

Sonogram Picture - Baby waving hello

Some babies are planned. Right down to the minute. I have friends who knew when they’d have their first child – and when they’d have their second. The children would come when they were financially established, when their careers were set, when their homes were ready. Some of those friends seemed able to put in…

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