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Dating After Divorce Lessons from Isaiah 25

Dating After Divorce

Sunday’s first reading from the Book of Isaiah, spoke of God saving His people from death, of wiping the tears from every face, and yesterday, I showed how death compared to divorce, but the passage is so rich in meaning for those searching for more in this life. Simply to not die, is no way…

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Chosen: Help Me Understand The Gospel of Matthew

Divine Mercy - Jesus

Every Monday, I post a reflection on the previous day’s Gospel reading often seeing ways those readings speak directly to those suffering from marital difficulties, abandonment, divorce, abuse, or similar tragedies. I believe God has given me a gift in the way I see things through my experiences and in His  power to overcome them.…

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10 Things I Never Knew About My Catholic Faith

Altar with Stained Glass holy Spirit red tongue of fire

I am a “cradle Catholic.” I was born and Baptized pretty quickly after in the days when it was considered dangerous to take an unBaptized Baby out into the dangerous world. My father spent time in the seminary as he contemplated becoming a priest. I spent 8 years in CCD, 4 years in a Catholic high…

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Five Minute Friday – Fill

dice with question mark, face, arrow

Fill, questions fill my mind already like can I change fill to Full? It’s my first time on Five Minute Friday. we are given five minutes to write and drop perfection behind. I just discovered fmf, and I’ve been trying to figure it out all day. It didn’t quite match what I had wanted to post…

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Know the Answer Before You Ask the Question

Sometimes it’s helpful to know the answer before you ask the question, but the #1 rule of parenting is to expect the unexpected, and there are certain kids in this world who keep adults guessing, who keep parents on their toes, and make their teachers wonder what goes on at home. Luckily, I have Noah…

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