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Catholic Dating After Divorce – What is Beautifully Sexy?

couple on the beach Catholic Dating After Divorce - Message You Send - Beautifully Sexy

Last week we looked at Catholics dating after divorce and the message dress sends and encouraged women to be beautifully sexy rather than trashy sexy. So what is beautifully sexy when you’re a Catholic dating after divorce?  Men are visual creatures. No gender re-identification program is going to change that. No Target store policy is going to…

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The Message You Send: Cheap, Trashy, Sexy or Beautifully Sexy?

Catholic Dating After Divorce - Message you Send Large Cheap, Trashy, Sexy (NOT) woman

We’ve seen the ads of half-naked teenagers advertising clothing. I often wonder if those models baring so much get the irony of those ads. I wonder if they stop to think about how little they’re wearing and how and why some view those ads – and them. It isn’t just teens exposing more of themselves;…

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