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Freedom to Be the Shepherd’s Voice in Divorce

Freedom Shepherd's Voice Divorce - Sheep Sunset

Divorce is an unspeakable loss, but losses seldom leave vacuums, and what you fill those losses with helps determine outlooks and outcomes, not just for you, but for those you meet as well It’s important to realize this is especially true for your children. For many, the emptiness of loss will merely be replaced with noise similar to…

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Freedom to Hear The Shepherd’s Voice in Divorce

Freedom to Hear Shepherd's Voice Divorce - Sheep Sunset

Divorce leaves the abandoned spouse with an emptiness that is hard to describe. It means the one person in the whole world who promised to love you for the remainder of your days has decided you’re not worth trying for one more time. It means he imagines there is something or someone better. Divorce and abandonment…

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Strength for the Divorced & Hurting Psalm 23

Big Horn Sheep

I often post about the Sunday’s Gospel Bible reading on Monday morning, but this week’s readings were so intent and struck me so hard, each offering something for so many families of divorce and in crisis, that I wanted to devote a day to each. This is Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm. It has long been one of…

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