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Would Planned Parenthood Sell Your Baby’s Body Parts?

Single Mom Sonogram

How would I describe finding out I was pregnant and alone after my husband left suddenly? Frightened, alone, confused, hurt, incapable, unqualified,…So many scary adjectives. I get it. How could a man leave a woman who is pregnant? How could a man leave his wife for another woman? This would be our 5th little boy.…

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10 Great Things About Being a Single Mom in America

America Flag Backdrop - 10 Great Things About Being a Single Mom in America

The life of a single mom in America isn’t easy, and for all their talk of women’s liberation and women’s equality, too many of today’s politicians have done too little to strengthen the lives of women in America. When Hillary Clinton and others talk of equal pay for equal work, they often fail to take into consideration that…

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Father’s Day Survival Guide – 8 Tips for Single Moms

Father's Day Survival Guide for Single Mom

Fathers should be honored and appreciated, but for the single mom, Father’s Day can present challenges. Ad after ad shows giggling children bouncing on shoulders of fun loving dads, cuddling for stories, cooking messy masterpieces, climbing into their parents’ bed for tickles and laughter, and inviting scores of friends to a paint-balloon shootout barbecue in the backyard.…

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Single Mom Laundry – I Have So Much Laundry!

Kaleb with gloves on his feet

Holy Cow! Who knew a post on laundry would take two days??? You’d think laundry was a never-ending task or something! Umm…actually… When you’re a single mom of five boys, laundry is a never-ending task! In case you missed it, Charity over at The Wounded Dove, is sponsoring a link-up and this week’s topic is…

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Come, and I Will Give You Rest

meadow with flowers - peace and rest

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 Are there sweeter words to the single mother? Come All Who Labor & Are Burdened With the burdens and pressure on single parent families, with the worry about how to pay the bills and keep up with…

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