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Loneliness – Some Days are Better than Others

  When dealing with loneliness, some days are better than others. Not that today was terrible, but… I won’t go into everything about today. It was pretty much a typical day and when I just typed it out it was exhausting and sounded like I was complaining. That is not at all what I want. I…

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My Year in Review – World Events & A Year in the Life of a Single Mother

My Year in Review includes links and information on world events-including the devastating earthquake in Japan to the triumphant capturing of bin laden by our Navy SEALS-and personal rememberances my 5 boys and I have-from the joy of the Green Bay Packers to the loss of our home and the failure of government run agencies meant to help people like us. This recap covers January-June 2011 and will continue with the second 1/2 of 2011 in tomorrow’s post.

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When Children Need Mom, Mom’s Plans Change

When you’re a single mother, your plans can never be written in stone, and that’s okay. There are other treasures to be found when you put your needs aside. I discovered this again tonight. A friend called earlier this week and asked me to go to Ladies’ Night Out tonight. I rarely get to go out and…

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