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Dear God, You Know It’s March Right?

It’s March 1st and another snowstorm is sweeping across the eastern United States. It’s cold and snowy and bitter outside, and if I could have reached through my dashboard to the Christian DJ who predicted “gusty breezes in the week ahead,” I might have shaken him pretty good. “Gusty breezes???” Who is he kidding. The euphemism…

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When the Snow Gets Old…

House in the Snow

It’s March already! That’s not an excited, “It’s March already!” type of comment like, “Hey wow! Where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s March already!” type of comment ~ Although that would be true too. It’s more of an “Oh-my-gosh-why-is-it-snowing-and-icy-and-cold-and-just-plain-yucky-out-for-crying-out-loud,-IT’S-MARCH-ALREADY!” type of comment.

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The First Snowfall of the Season

There is something so incredibly beautiful about the first snowfall of the season. I awoke this morning to a blissfully warm, quiet, peaceful house. The boys were with their father, and I had the opportunity to linger alone in my bed, cosy and warm until almost 8:30, a very late rising for me! I turned…

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