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Understanding No Fault Divorce, Suicide, & Kate Spade

Red scarf (Kate Spade's suicide method) left on tree

Kate Spade committed suicide by hanging herself with a red scarf in her upscale NYC apartment last Tuesday morning. Tuesday was a beautiful day in New York City. The sun was shining; the temperature was ideal in the mid 70’s. A new week was still unfolding, yet in Kate Spade’s world, something sinister was unfolding…

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Robin Williams – Shadows of Darkness, Exposure through Light

Cave - Light at the end of the tunnel

Robin Williams, America’s funny man, suffered in a way many of us would never have guessed. The shock of as emerging details of his death posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other media outlets warred with the images we had of the man bringing laughter into the lives of so many. Robin Williams took tragic situations…

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