Thank You for Contacting Single Mom Smiling

Thank you for contacting Single Mom Smiling. I really do read all comments and try to get back to my writers as soon as possible. Sometimes life with the boys doesn’t allow me to get back as quickly as I like though so please be patient. 🙂

In the meantime, keep praying, keep loving, keep smiling.

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God Bless…


4 thoughts on “Thank You for Contacting Single Mom Smiling”

  1. Your story is so similar to my own. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with our 5th son and my husband walked out on me last weekend. Thank you so much for your encouragement and inspiration!

    1. Oh no, Heather! I am so sorry. I hear from so many women in similar situations. Saint Lucia warns us that Mary has said the final battle between the Lord and Satan will be over Marriage and family. I believe our husbands are falling in this battle. Continue to Love and do what is right. You are not alone, and God’s Goodness will triumph in the end.

      Please keep checking in with me. I will be praying for you and your children.

  2. Bearing my child’s heart break sometimes is very hard to do.
    I put it in the Lord’s hands but is hard not to get sad, when I see my son having high expectations about his dad and then suffering the disappointment. Can someone share how they deal with this pain?

    1. Hello, I know and understand your pain more than I’d like to. I have been thinking about this in depth since you wrote in and would like to share my thoughts but am overwhlemed at a job which ends this week.

      While it may take me a bit of time to put together a thoughtful response, I promise you that I have not forgotten you and will get back to you. I will also post my response to as many social media outlets as possible to see if we can get other responses as well. I would be interested in hearing how others handle this situation too.

      In the meantime, I’ve added you to my prayers and will ask the Lord for protection over your heart and the heart of your child. Thank you for contacting Single Mom Smiling

      God Bless…

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