Thank You to Our Veterans – Love a Single Mom

20151111_112705Every time I kiss my sons

as they lay own to sleep

I thank the Soldiers who keep watch

for the children that I keep.


And when I thank the Lord above

for the Hope tomorrow brings

I pray that Angels flying high

guide the Airmen and their wings.


And when 2016 rolls around

and I get to cast my vote

The media’s opinion I’ll care not about

but the Marine’s I will note.


And when the storms come rock my boat

and winds begin to blow

I’ll think of Sailors at the helm

and the Blessings that I know.


And when the boundaries I set up

are put under attack

I’ll think of those who guard our shores,

Stand strong, and push right back.


And when food runs low and pantry’s bare

and handouts crush lost souls

I’ll grab my gun and feed my lads

and keep focused on our goals.

And when I’m tired and want to quit

because Life. Is. Just. Too. Hard.

I remember somewhere in this storm

there are others keeping guard.

For in a world not far away

but one too far to see

A Family sobs in fear this night

 The cry of the unfree.


They’d gladly trade the life we have

the work, the struggle, the pain,

For most of what we complain about

is what they Hope to gain.


While in this land of plentiful

we bitch and moan and cuss

And take for granted all

That has been Sacrificed for us.


So yes, life can be hard at times

I often want to hide

But there are those both far and near

who keep our Hope alive.


And we owe to them great gratitude

and many prayers profound

For in this land of plentiful

opportunity can be found.

There are just no words I can give that will ever express the gratitude I hold in my heart for what you have given to me and, more importantly to me children. Your Sacrifice and your family’s Sacrifice is appreciated today and every day.


Happy Veteran’s Day

Thank You for Your Service!

God Bless…

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5 thoughts on “Thank You to Our Veterans – Love a Single Mom”

    1. Thank you, Manny. We owe so much to our Military.

      I hadn’t heard the poem by Siegfried Sassoon before but really enjoyed reading it and your commentary too. I thought it was interesting that you commented on the rhyme scheme. I was trying to read it aloud and was stumbling a bit until I stopped trying to make the rhyme fit what my head kept trying to make it be. Having the read aloud posted was a real treat!

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