The Movie The Ten Commandments: A Time to Fight

Prepare for Battle
Be ready when you need to take a stand.

“I didn’t train as a soldier, but we have to learn how to fight. All of us!” Moses tells his people in the movie The Ten Commandments.

Today the same applies. We may not be trained soldiers, but we must be ready to fight. There is a time to be still in faith and let God do everything and a time He expects us to stand and fight.

It is sometimes difficult to know when to wait for God  and when to fight.

In the Ten Commandments, Joshua had similar concerns. While other Israelites trained hard, Joshua refused to ready himself for battle.

In response to his refusal to prepare, Moses told Joshua about a man who waited out a rainstorm. Three times people went to the man and asked him to go with them and get out of the rain. Three times the man refused thinking God was going to save him.

The man finally drowned.

Upon greeting the Lord, he angrily asked why He had not helped; God replied that He had sent three people and all had been turned away.

“God won’t fight all our battles for us,” Moses told Joshua.

As the Israelites readied for battle, Moses told them, “There won’t be any miracles today. Today He is testing us. If we want the sea to part…we do it ourselves. Our cause is the greater one and God is with us.”

Before you enter battle, you ask yourself why you are fighting. Are you retaliating because it will make you feel better to lash out or are you standing up for yourself? Is your cause the greater one?

If it is, pray, and then prepare to fight.

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