The Movie The Ten Commandments: Be Still and Have Faith

The silhouette of a woman giving up
You are a creation of God.  Are you worth standing up for?

I am sitting here watching The 10 Commandments movie produced by Cecil B DeMille and feeling no better than the Jewish people whom Moses led out of Egypt.

Even after Moses led the Jewish people from Pharoah’s fist of slavery and oppression, the Jewish people met with one hardship after another. At the Red Sea, the pharoah’s soldiers came upon them, and the Jewish people doubted. In the dessert, they experienced extreme hunger and thirst, and again they doubted.

No matter how many times the Lord had come to their aid before, the Jewish people still allowed their fear and doubt to make them angry with God and doubt His plans. Moses told them to have faith, “Believe in him. That’s all you have to do and we will never go hungry again or thirsty,” but even hearing this did not quell their doubt.

In fact, there was a purpose to their troubles. With each hardship, the people learned more of the amazing power of God. He parted seas for his people. He made poison water, clean. He brought forth food and drink from dry, cracked land. He showed his power and love time and time again.

Like the Jewish people, I sometimes find myself questioning God’s plans. I can let fear and doubt creap into my mind and I must work twice as hard to believe.

I fear that I will end up alone and afraid or, worse, angry and bitter. I worry that my children will fall and sin against God and their own families one day. I have to work hard to push those thoughts down and not allow the negativity in my heart to interfere with God’s plans and power.

How are you like the early Jewish people? Are you experiencing fear? Anger? Doubt? Do you question God’s plan or power? These sins are more deadly than physical sins of adultry, theft, or even murder and too often many physical sins can be traced back to fear and doubt.

In what ways is God working in your life today? How is he backing you into the sea so that he can show you a new path through rough waters and away from your enemies? How is your hunger allowing you to turn from a dry, parched existence to try something new? In what ways are you working against God in your life today?

There is a time to be still and let God solve your problems in ways you could never imagine. It is not easy.

Will you do it? Where will you allow your faith to take you today?


The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.

Exodus 14: 14

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