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Because when bad things happen, we tend to think there is something wrong with us, that we are all alone in the world, but that is not true. One way we can help ourselves and others is to come out of the shadows of darkness and support one another without gossip, without malice, without judgment for life is seldom as perfect behind our white picket fences as it seems from the street.

If you would like to share your story, request prayers, or offer prayers or support for others, please contact Single Mom Smiling. It can help to get the word out. We must be strong and brave and never lose our faith and hope or our capacity to love and be loved.

One word of caution…please do not include any identifying information that can be used against your your children or that can be used to locate you or your children. Although we make an effort to keep the words of those sharing their stories, we will also reserve the right to edit submissions, especially if there is concern for the welfare of any of the parties involved.

Single Mom Smiling is not responsible for the well being of anyone associated with this site or with posts on this site. If you are hurting or afraid get counseling and protection immediately. You are responsible for caring for yourself, and you are worthy of that care! 

Thank you for sharing with Single Mom Smiling. Never lose hope. God loves you because you were wonderfully made by Him and nothing you do or anyone does to you can change that. (Psalm 139: 14)

God Bless…

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