Trump, Hillary, Domestic Violence, & the Best Candidate?

Domestic Violence - Barbie in a dirty fistWith focus on Trump’s “locker room” talk and Hillary’s defense of a child rapist and  threats to Bill Clinton’s numerous victims, has anyone realized October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month? Has anyone realized that Trump and Hillary have both ignored that this month is dedicated to protecting some of the most vulnerable and overlooked of society?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear Trump or Hillary talk of how they would protect and defend victims and sign laws to prosecute aggressors? Wouldn’t it be great if we could trust either of them?

Last week private, recorded conversations involving Donald Trump’s use of women were released. In those conversations Trump bragged in vulgar ways about how he fondled and mistreated women. He was compared to an octopus. He went on to snidely remark that women allowed this because he has money and power. This man who claims to respect women admits to using them for his pleasure. He admits to having affairs with married women and to cheating on his own vows. He shows little regard for the vows of Marriage or the vulnerability married people have emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually to each other. He, as the leader of his family, failed to be either his family’s protector or its provider in ways that matter most.

Hillary has not been accused of groping women, but she has an even worse role to play in the continued victimization of the women and children. Start with Hillary’s defense of a child rapist. The sixth amendment gives each of us the right to defense against an accuser; Hillary claims this is the reason she took the case. She makes it seem as though her idealistic view of what a lawyer should be, her belief in defending those unable to defend themselves, and a judge’s command made her defend a child’s rapist.

Sorry Hillary, I don’t buy it.

Yes, I know the law and understand this man had the right to defense, but, as a victim of abuse, as a mother, and as a citizen, I find Hillary’s actions repulsive. I also find her claim of powerlessness in choosing to defend or not defend a rapist despicable. We all have choices. Hillary chose to side with the bully on the playground; only in this case, the bully was a grown man, the playground was the back of an old pick-up truck, and the victim was a 12 year old girl.

In schools, liberal agendas remove God and attempt to teach children to do the right thing even when it is difficult. Yet, Hillary, the quintessential liberal, made a decision to side with the aggressor because doing otherwise would be bad for her. This is not something applauded in our schools or communities. It is not something applauded anywhere but in our defiled and broken court systems.

We may not like the outcomes, but we always have choices. Hillary had a choice about whether she defended this rapist or not. The consequences for not defending him would have been huge, probably life altering, but Hillary still had a choice. She claimed being powerless to do otherwise, ignoring that the one who is truly powerless is a child victim, ignoring the fact that victims of childhood abuse often become victims of later abuse, ignoring the fact that she was setting a child up for a lifetime believing (perhaps correctly) that the court system would not help her.

Hillary chose to defend a child rapist because it benefitted her and her career. Hillary decided her career was more important than a child’s choice. It’s not surprising when one looks at her view on abortion or her promotion of abortion on babies up to hours before delivery. It’s not surprising when she sees certain Constitutional Rights as applicable only according to location or status.

What makes Hillary’s story more upsetting is that she claims to have helped this child rapist out of duty, out of her inability to deny his defense, and out of love of the laws of our nation, but this is inconsistent with Hillary’s stance in other matters.

Hillary has taken Bill Clinton’s victims, many of whom chose to have affairs with him, and demonized them, degrading them, and turning them into “bimbos” and “savages.” Bill Clinton’s affairs act out Trump’s claim that because a man has money and power, women give him power over their bodies. Similar ideas pervade our court system, which rules, not necessarily based of skin color or background and certainly not based of what is right and just, but based on one’s money and power.

It’s the court system Hillary chooses to be expand.

There are other women, like Juanita Broderick, who Hillary tore apart publicly and who were not willing participants in Bill Clinton’s affairs but victims of rape by him. Hillary did not face Ms. Broderick on the stand but persecuted her without trial, not because she was commanded to do so because of a judge, a desire to see justice done, or out of love for her husband.

This “champion” of women tears apart women to further her career,

much as she did in the 1970s to a child rape victim.

Hillary is not concerned with domestic violence, women’s rights, or promoting healthy children or growing families unless they fit her agenda. She tells women facing difficult pregnancies they are powerless and that their babies will hold them back. She could become a true champion of women’s rights by promoting the blessing of motherhood and the strength in sacrifice and in standing up for the dignity God gives women as loving nurturers.

At the same time, Hillary could promote the beauty of womanhood by speaking of a pregnant woman as strong but delicate and needing to be treated with additional dignity and care rather than pretending she is just like any man. She has made a woman’s natural gentleness and vulnerability something shameful to be dominated  and defeated rather than explored, valued, and treasured. That domination and defeat expands to inside our homes in the forms of abuse:  verbal, mental, emotional, financial, physical, and sexual.

Instead, Hillary promotes the women’s lib agenda, which tells women that, when their bodies do what is unique and natural by creating a baby, they receive power by terminating that baby who has harmed no one. By doing so, she tells women value received outside the home is greater than value received inside the home. How does this message speak to victims of domestic violence?

Has Hillary ever talked about the Blessing of a surprise or challenging pregnancy? Has she ever talked of how cradling that child in your arms or seeing that first smile, receiving that slobbery kiss of an infant or hearing that total, unselfconscious belly laugh of a toddler, watching your child walk across the stage to receive an award or getting that phone call about the big promotion she just received, or feeling that baby kick and hick-up while tucked safely inside of you can make a woman stand up and seek more of herself and of those around her? Has she ever mentioned that a child conceived in rape may be the one Blessing provided by that rape?

Hillary continues cycles of abuse

by telling victims of rape and incest

to hide evidence through abortion.

She tells victims of domestic violence

a pregnancy will make their lives more difficult

instead of encouraging them to see it as motivation to get help.

Hillary hasn’t mentioned children born in rape because she doesn’t care about unborn children or rape victims enough to get another side of the story. She doesn’t care anymore now than she cared about the 12 year old girl in the 1970’s. She thrives on a victim’s belief in her own powerlessness and in hopelessness that was thrust upon her.

Hillary cares about Hillary.

Hillary cares little about domestic violence because it doesn’t benefit her. Ask Kathleen Willey, another of Bill Clinton’s victims, who said men hired by Hillary asked about Willey’s children in a threatening manner. Any woman who could hire someone to threaten another woman’s children cares nothing about domestic violence, its victims, or changing the laws to protect the innocent.

Hillary cares less about victims

(women, children, or babies)

than she does about Hillary.

Hillary’s disregard for life continues in scandal after scandal. Perhaps the most infamous is her involvement in the deaths of some of our nation’s best men in Benghazi and her recent support of the Black Lives Matter movement while denying protection for the smallest black lives, those in their mother’s wombs. Hillary promotes “choice” while taking choice away from a pre-born baby, the majority of whom are minorities. Hillary gives minority women messages that tell them they are powerless and that if they want to move ahead, their only choice is to kill the child who needs them.

Hillary doesn’t understand domestic violence begins in the womb.

Trump, Hillary, & Domestic Violence

October is domestic violence awareness month, neither candidate knows or understands what being a victim of domestic violence means. I have some vague idea of the pain, confusion, and fear of living with someone you love who hurts and belittles you. It also took me 40+ years to understand that domestic violence is more than just assault and battery. Domestic violence begins with speech and the constant barrage of thoughts that tell its victims they are not good enough, that they are powerless, that there is no hope.

Trump and Hillary both portray this message.

As a mother of five boys, I find statements that “all men talk like this,” deplorable and insulting to Men. I find the excuses pardoning Billy Bush because he was young and didn’t know better pathetic. I expect better of my children and, I am beginning to understand that, as a woman, I deserve better of men I date and certainly better of any man I hope to be a role model to my children or whom I hope to Marry one day.

If all men talk like this, we need to ask ourselves why, what can be done about it, and what WE are doing about it today? We need to look to people through our culture like Joan Rivers, Marilyn Monroe, and Miley Cyrus and see messages they send. We need to look at how we donate our time and money promoting values that portray women as victims and whores. We need to act in ways that demand better of ourselves, and we cannot accept less in our leaders.

I am not thrilled with Trump. I don’t trust him. He has changed his views on issues that matter the most to me, including abortion. Could his view on women have changed as well? Could he defend the family and promote Marriage now when he was, at best, impotent in these areas before?

I’m not 100% sure.

But I am 100% sure Hillary will not.

As an abuser, Hillary needs victims. She is a parasite who sucks off the pain of others, injects them with dependency on her, and then leaves them stranded – or dead.

I hope Donald Trump becomes president because we can only see the beginning of what Hillary will bring to America. Hope for our country lies not in a president, but in the God who gave us this land. Hillary’s recently released attacks on the Catholic Church also show she will come after faith groups, isolating us from one another, and further destroying family values that Catholics, Christians, Jews, and other faiths work to build. By destroying faith, her words become Gospel; she becomes all powerful.

We Catholics, we Americans, have been complacent too long.

I hope Donald Trump becomes president because Hillary will be a disaster for more than “just” the unborn, but, no matter who is elected, now is the time to take a stand. It is not the time to hang our heads in defeat. It is not the time to give up or hide with our tails between our legs. It is not the time to shrug our shoulders and put our heads back in the sand.

Christian Churches are growing in places where they are tested. We, as a nation, have set our standards too low, and we are being tested.

We need to raise the bar and demand more of our politicians but also of ourselves.

Vote Trump, but do not hope he will save you. This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it is we, not the candidates who will make the most difference in ending today’s atrocities. Don’t turn your back or say you don’t want to get involved. It takes a village. See something. Say something. Get involved.

This is our opportunity.

This is our test.

This is our time.

Take a stand to end Domestic Violence in your area now.

Tomorrow may be too late.


If you need help or someone to talk to… Contact your local Catholic Charities under Find Help


the National Domestic Violence Hotline at or at 1-800-799-SAFE

or your local doctor. If you don’t receive the help you need keep seeking it elsewhere. If you feel you are in danger – GET OUT IMMEDIATELY. You are too valuable to risk. You are Loved. You deserve to be safe and feel valued.

Safety Alert: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet usage might be monitored, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224.


God Bless…

And, as always, thanks for commenting, liking, following, and sharing!

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4 thoughts on “Trump, Hillary, Domestic Violence, & the Best Candidate?”

  1. Hillary defended a child rapist, which was her job as a lawyer. What I find absolutely repugnant is that she laughed about getting him off the hook. This laughter of hers goes beyond her duties as a lawyer and lets us see into her soul. This is the greatest illustration imaginable of a mentally and spiritually sick woman. The rape of the 12 year old girl was violent and repeated. There was a mountain of evidence to convict. She got the accused off the hook but not with dignity or respect for the victim who suffered immense physical and psychological damage, she had to laugh about it and that pisses me off to the very core of my being through and through. Such a sick and despicable person! Where I live you do to a 12 year old girl what happened in this case and it is automatic life in prison without parole and it ain’t no laughing matter. In fact, where I live a case made it all the way to the Supreme Court seeking the death penalty for the brutal violent rape of an 8 year old girl. Hillary Clinton, you better stay out of Louisiana because if you ever step foot in this State you might burst into flames!!!! I hope Trump is elected if for no other reason to give Hillary a dose of her own medicine courtesy of a special prosecutor. Single Mom – Keep Smiling because there are millions and millions of people out there who see things the way you do.

    1. Thanks for commenting James. I was so disgusted when I heard Hillary laughed about the rape of a child. I tried to fact check and present only what I was SURE was true. I heard it was possible she laughed at parts of the case but not the actual case or some rubbish like that. I didn’t want to bring up possible controversial facts such as did she or did she not laugh when all her actions are simply despicable. Instead I hoped to point out that, whether she laughed or not, she is a human being that is only concerned about herself. I was planning on searching for and listening to her laughter and judge it for myself, but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe that’s wrong of me, but I couldn’t bring myself to see what parts of a child’s rape case anyone could have justified laughing at…writing it that way, maybe I should have included it. I’m glad you brought it up. More should know about it and the media sure won’t say anything. As far as justice being found in our court systems, I don’t believe it anymore. I think it’s become more and more of a money and influence thing over what is right and just thing.

      I don’t usually post political commentary and wasn’t thrilled with how this post came together, but I think this election, despite my not being thrilled with Trump, is too important for us to keep quiet about or to vote third party on. Thanks for the encouragement, James. We may be facing tough times ahead and we need to reach out and help one another. Thank you for reaching out here!

      God Bless…

    1. Hi Roxane, I’m glad you thought I made things clear. I’m not sure I did. I really feel Trump is the only choice that will protect our men and women serving overseas and in law enforcement. I’m not sure he’ll protect the unborn child, but I can hope. His experience with marriage and as a husband and as a Man are deplorable. We need to vote for him AND hold his feet total he fire. I wonder if he’s looking at how he’s doing compared to how he could be doing and taking any responsibility. I hope he sees how HIS actions and words could have changed the tearing apart he’s receiving. Will he get the plank in his eye idea or continue seeing splinters in everyone else’s? I don’t know, but I can hope. Either way our hope must come from the Lord, not from a president. In cases of domestic violence, victims NEED to believe they are valued and worthy. Most victims don’t. They need to get help on their own, not rely on a change in their spouse, a neighbor, law enforcement, or a president. A victim of domestic violence is only going to be helped by herself and God. Vote Trump, but stand for more.

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