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Single Mom and Boys - Five of Them!

My family.

So this afternoon my friend from Pure Sugar told me about the Ultimate Blog Party. I’m still a bit confused about what exactly the Ultimate Blog Party is all about and what I’m supposed to do to be part of it.

I kinda feel like I’m back at an 8th grade dance, hanging out in the shadows, praying someone asks me to dance but hoping no one will see me, and pleading with God to not let me step on any toes IF I am actually called onto the dance floor.

I’m already signed up for the April A to Z Challenge and, as a single mom of five busy boys, time is not something I have a lot of so I was a bit wary of doing the Ultimate Blog Party, but it sounded interesting, and I’m a sucker for getting involved in things, so I couldn’t resist for long!

I was looking over one of the Linky Lists and noticed one blog with a two links. I had to question,

Hmmm… why does that blog have two links?

It was just a passing thought, and I soon found myself filling out my Linky Tool and hitting the send button without the link to this post. Maybe I figured out why that other site had two links listed.

Sometimes God answers questions pretty quickly.

Now if only He’d get back to me on the meaning of life thing…

Oh the embarrassment of being the newbie!

But God didn’t make us to hang out in the shadows, so here I am, hopefully with a working link (and an apology for the 1st link) this time!

I am a single mom of five boys. The last little guy was a surprise pregnancy with complications, and my husband, whom I adored for 17 years, left suddenly in the 5th month. It was Mother’s Day 2009; he left a week later and began divorce proceedings not long after. 

Four Older Brothers Holding Baby Kaleb

What amazing joy and love these boys add to my life!

My boys and I would lose our home in foreclosure and go up against a court system still favoring the monied spouse. We would deal with abandonment and fear and agony and confusion like I never knew could exist – all caused by a man I no longer recognized.

I’m pretty sure that during that time my boys and I caught a glimpse of hell; it’s not someplace I ever want anyone to be again. There is so much pain in this world. So many of people suffering behind closed doors.

But there is so much goodness too!

And I hope to share God’s Love, to bring power and reasons to smile to hurting lives.

I am sorry for some of man’s choices (and my own!) but I am not defeated. In many ways, I have grown stronger in my faith, in my self-confidence, in my awe of what God can do when I get out of His way.

This is what I blog about.

Anyway, here I am and now that I’ve joined, I’m all in and looking forward to whatever this party turns out to be!

God Bless…

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