Walk in the Snow

George & KalebGeorge, Kaleb and I took a long walk in the snow last night. It was our first real snowfall of the season, and the only other soul we saw was one of our local policemen who drove slowly by on the slippery roads giving a friendly wave and probably wondering why we were out when I’m sure he’d rather have been sitting home cozy by a fire with his family.

Kaleb in the driveway making a snow angel

As usual, I had a few things to do before I could get out of the house. When I met the boys, Kaleb was lying in the driveway making a snow angel. I know he is four, but I am constantly amazed by the fact that he knows things like how to make a snow angel. It may be a little thing, but I don’t remember teaching him this so how did he figure it out. Proud Mommy Moment.

Kaleb and stick
Kaleb finds a stick in the snow and insisted on bringing it with us. I admit, however, I didn’t even ask him to put it down. Choose your battles! 🙂


Other than the police officer, not a soul was about, and it would have made for a very peaceful walk, except that boys will be boys, and walks always produce sticks or rocks or some sort of mischief. Just because it was dark and almost sub-zero weather does not mean my boys will not find the biggest sticks around and use them to chase, whip, and shoot  one another.

Kaleb and stick



I’m not a big poetry person, but I’ve always envisioned walking with my family as Robert Frost depicted life in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Needless to say, our walks are seldom like the peaceful visions I once had of walking on a snowy evening. Gotta love boys.


I am warming George's ears


The cold was biting and George was hardly dressed for the weather. At 12, I let him decide what he wants to wear for the most part, and I knew we wouldn’t be out long and that the air, though cold, had no wind so didn’t insist on him dressing more warmly. That didn’t stop me from feeling bad for him when his ears were freezing however and trying (albeit belatedly) to warm him!



Even while freezing and alone on a snowy evening walk though, at 12, having mommy keep you warm is highly uncool! I didn’t care though. Maybe he will learn something for next time because he knows I would do this in front of his friends too if he can’t figure out how to dress himself  appropriately! 🙂



I love moments like this with my boys. I sent them into the house ahead of me while I went to bring the garbage cans in from the curb. When I turned back to take one last peaceful breath of the cold night air, one of the last things I saw before going inside, was Kaleb’s snow angel and I paused for a moment to thank God for my all five of my little angels and to offer a prayer up for all the little angels of the world.

Dear Father,
please watch over them.
Keep them safe tonight,
and let them know
of your Love for them.
~ Amen,

God Bless…