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Does exhaustion and overwhelm prevent you from being the woman you want to be? Are you tired of feeling judged and utterly alone in your parenting? Do you wish someone would hold your hand and give you direction when doubts and insecurities pile up? Are you secretly afraid your ex might be right about you after all?

In this podcast you will find simple mindset solutions to free you from fear, negative self-talk, and overwhelm. My mission is to empower you with simple things you can do, even in the chaos of single parenting, to find peace and reignite joy through building relationships, daily routines, and self-care.

If you’re ready to say yes to changing your mindset and stop chasing advice from those who mean well but don’t understand your situation in exchange for a plan from someone who has been there – you’re in the right place!

Hey there my Beloved Single Mama! I’m Kerri. I’m a single mom of five boys, mindset enthusiast, and awe-filled lover of our Lord and all His creation. On Mother’s Day 2009, my husband of 14 years suddenly announced he was leaving for someone he’d reconnected with on social media. He moved out one week later. I was a stay-at-home mom, newly appointed part time youth minister, and PTSO volunteer.

I was also five months pregnant with our fifth little boy.

I was alone overwhelmed, confused, terrified, traumatized, devastated…

I understood then what “only the groans of the Holy Spirit will suffice,” means.

I realized that no one was coming to save us and that if my boys and I were to survive, we needed a solid plan, grateful hearts, and a whole lot of faith! I went back to school and got my math certification using a pathway that had never been done and that I’d been told could not be done. I got life coaching certification and Dave Ramsey Master Coach certification. I got us out of debt and on the road to freedom from chains that can’t be measured in dollar signs!

Most of all, I dug into our Lord, found my purpose, and reignited my love of adventure!

And I did it all while raising those five wonderful, messy, fun-loving, much-loved, drive me crazy, couldn’t-imagine-life-without-them boys by myself!

If you’re ready to become the mom God is creating you to be…to dig into hope that doesn’t come from a half-eaten bar of chocolate found between the couch cushions, another glass of wine, or endlessly scrolling through online dating sites…if you’re ready to implement simple mindset techniques for noticeable results…if you’re ready to be confident, clear, and courageous in your parenting, finances, relationships, and, most of all, in your view of yourself and God’s work in you – then my Beloved Mama, this podcast is for you!

Oh…and if you’re wondering about that fifth little boy? He’s a constant reminder that God’s plans are always better than our own!

Jesus I Trust in You – Let’s DO this!!!