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Single Mom and Boys - Five of Them!

I’m a Catholic, Christian, Conservative, divorced, annulled, faithful, single mom of five boys.

I’m also an author, speaker, high school math teacher, and certified life coach too!

The Boys and Me-Kaleb is 1 day old here.

I began blogging when my husband suddenly left me 5 months pregnant with our 5th little boy for a woman he’d reconnected with on Facebook. I was shaken, traumatized, terrified, confused, angry, and heartbroken.

I wondered what my husband was thinking and what God was doing. I knew my husband had abandoned me; I thought God had abandoned me too!

But it wasn’t long before I knew I wasn’t alone.

Abandonment was still new to me, when the first woman, a stranger, literally showed up on my doorstep sobbing because her husband was having an affair and she’d heard I was someone who might understand. I understood, but I didn’t know how to help.

I took steps and devised tools to get me through the agony of abandonment and into the joy of living and loving better! I learned to laugh (almost) every day especially at myself. I had fun with my boys and sought friends who supported me and grew okay with letting others drift away.

I knew other broken lives would follow. I could see clearly how Marriages, families, and good relationships are under attack in our world.

God was calling me to more! I enrolled in life coaching classes through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, racked up coaching experience by reaching out to women undergoing everything from abandonment and divorce to those interested in building businesses, navigating dating relationships, strengthening struggling Marriages, and attempting positive parenting.

Many women simply want to have fun again! They deeply desire discovering who they were created to be and how to have fun being that person. This is my my passion!

One of my favorite things about coaching is getting to know the women I coach and, over time, helping them explore their own ideas, discover what “fun” is for them now, and help them find the courage to embrace new friendships, try new things, and make room for laughter!

This is why I now confidentially coach women in all walks of life on all sorts of issues including Marriage, family, and relationship as well as finances, organization, employment and more. My clients deserve to find fun, Hope, Joy, and Love wherever they are!

I’ve been a guest on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air and the TD Jakes Show, and I write for CatholicStand.com and Shalom Tidings as well.

I run a Catholic single moms fb group and was also appointed by Catholic author Leila Miller to coadmin her Saving Marriages group.

A New Adventure in Life Coaching:  Embracing the Story of You!

Check out  new coaching site StrahlenGrace.com too.

Join me there to jump into the new year with “Embracing the Story of You” because we all have stories and each of our stories is a love story when we see ourselves through God’s eyes!

Interested in joining Embracing the Story of You? Let me know! I’ll keep you updated!

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God Bless…

Kerri Lynn

(aka Strahlen Grace)