What Do You Want for Christmas? The Gift of Prophecy

Christmas gifts
What is the best gift you will give and receive this Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas this year? Many of us are asking for gifts, large and small, expensive and low cost. They may range from new cars or diamond engagement rings to fuzzy socks and bubble bath, but how many of us are asking for gifts that are really important? How many of us are asking for spiritual gifts? How many of us know what spiritual gifts really are?

What Do You Want for Christmas?

The Bible may have been written thousands of years ago, but pause to consider if Biblical believers would ask for today’s equivalent of the above gifts:  a new camel and shiny gold jewelry or new footwear and bath salts. It is almost laughable, and yet, that is what we ask for or what we want our children to ask for and to dream of receiving.

In the Bible, material gifts are often withheld from those who believe in the Lord and, those who do receive material gifts, do so after professing love for the Father. Those believers who receive material wealth always realize that spiritual gifts are of greater importance than their material wealth.

So what is on your Christmas list this year? Which gifts are you asking for?

1 Cor 14:1-12, Prophecy Greater Than Tongues, says, “Pursue love, but strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts, above all that you may prophecy.” 

Saint Paul tells his readers that some people speak in tongues and, while they may be speaking to God, which is a good thing, speaking in tongues does not necessarily build up the church. He questions what good it is to build speak in tongues when others cannot understand you. If you are not leading others to the Lord, what good are your gifts?

The same thing can be asked of many of the Christmas gifts our children, and we ourselves, give and receive. How many of the gifts we give and receive build up others, draw people closer to God, or will be perceived as “good gifts” thousands of years from now?

How many of our gifts are spiritual gifts?

The Gift of Prophecy brings others to God because they understand the words spoken. They can prepare their hearts for the gift of love. They can get ready for battle against sin because they understand the threats both, vivid and subtle, that surround them.

The gift of prophecy builds and strengthens the church community with a common language, and this is a gift that may have an impact thousands of years from now.

So this Christmas, when all the beautifully wrapped gifts are under the tree, when brightly colored paper is scattered across the floor, when the family is stuffed with Christmas ham and fig pudding, take a few moments to draw your children close and share with them the gift of prophecy.

Wrap your words in love. Speak of the birth of a tiny child, the Savior, about our perfect Father, and about our strength, the holy Spirit. Help grow your church community right in your own home.

It has been said, it is better to give than to receive. By asking for the gift of prophecy this Christmas, you can use your gift to gift others and bring peace to the lives of believers we love.

What more could we want for Christmas?

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God Bless…