When God Speaks

Sunbeam from God
Listen for the voice of God, and let Him drive your life.

When God Speaks, do you listen?

Maybe it’s just the need to find a purpose for my suffering, but I feel like I’ve been called to use my experiences to help others. I have been through some very difficult things, and yet I cannot believe how wonderful each new day is – the gifts I have been given, the smiles I receive, and the little, every day wonders that make life beautiful.

I am sure the wonder I feel in each new day is only possible because God brings good to those who love and follow Him, so I work hard to do so – albeit imperfectly!

I want to share that wonder and joy of life and give God the glory due to Him and the best way I know how is through my writing (You would NEVER want to hear me sing my praises to Jesus or to anyone else for that matter!) and yet, I am still questioning His directives.

I started Single Mom Smiling about a month ago but have told almost no one about it. There is a tremendous amount of fear that goes along with exposing innermost feelings and personal experiences while also trying to be honest about your own wrong doings, the pain you have inflicted on others, and the pain you have had inflicted on you through no fault of your own. The main reason I have not told anyone about Single Mom Smiling is that I do not think it has found its calling yet.

Rather than writing what I have been called to, I have been researching keywords and trying to figure out how to drive traffic to my site. This kind of research takes time I don’t have and a level of understanding I’m not sure I am capable of reaching. As a result, my writing has been fantastically stilted, extremely uninspiring, and unbelieveably tedious even for me to review.

I appologize for that.

Tonight the boys and I went to church, and I was praying about my blog. Actually, I was praying about a lot of things – in between running Kaleb to the bathroom twice, a spilled juice box, a minor brawl between Noah and Matt and a disagreement between Matt and George and then…

Who said church was supposed to be peaceful???

Anyway, I was praying about my blog and some web pages I am hoping to put up by mid-December and I swear I heard a voice say, “If I write it, they will come.”

I think I’ve seen Field of Dreams one too many times!

I am hoping from that, that God wants me to use the writing talent He gave me, to write. I need to stop worrying about SEO and just write! That is not to say I should disregard SEO all the time, but I need to take my own advice and stop trusting SEO. I’ve been sounding like an idiot relying on keywords to drive traffic to my site. I need to trust God to drive traffic and my life.

If I write it, God will send those who need it.

If you are in need of help for a difficulty such as abandonment, divorce, crisis pregnancy, or abuse, I hope you have been led here by our Lord and that you realize you have never been alone. I hope God leads me to write something that helps or inspires you.

For now, know that God has always loved you and continues to do so even when life doesn’t seem so good. Hold onto that Love, find His blessings and trust Him to drive your life!

God Bless…