What Are You Willing To Do For “Love?”

Candy Heart
What s real Love?

As a little girl I remember just wanting to be Accepted, to be Valued, to be Loved.

Was it the child abuse I suffered or the uncertainty of how to handle that abuse, was it the denial, or the get-over-it attitude that so many seemed to express even though they didn’t always use words?

What was it that made me feel less than God had intended me to be?

What was it that made me sacrifice so much of myself, to compromise my values, to put myself in positions of risk in high school, college, married life that I lost who I was, that I gave up dreams, that I believed false promises?

What was it that made me less?

I don’t blame the others. I don’t blame myself.

Sometimes I just wonder.

Today, I have a new Strength, a new Hope, a new sense of Self-Worth, of my Value, and of My capacity to Love others in the way I wanted to be Loved.

I am accepting and embracing my imperfections and what they teach me about Me.

Today, I Laugh often and find Humor even in my downfalls (well, most of the time! 😉 )

An imperfect, but lovely, picture of an imperfect, but Lovable, me!

But every once in a while, I see a video like the one below, and I think back to the girl I was and all the time I missed trying to please someone else…

…when I never stopped to think about pleasing Me .

…when I never stopped to think about honoring the Woman God meant for me to be when He thought me up an eternity ago.

I think of what I was willing to sacrifice, to compromise, to risk to be “loved,”

…when Love was not what I was receiving at all.

And I see so many others today sacrificing, compromising, risking who they were meant to be in the name of “love,” especially victims of abuse, abandonment, divorce, those who have forgotten or never knew their worth, the Perfect Love that is offered to them through God the Father.

My message to those still sacrificing, compromising, risking is to take a Real Risk, a worthy risk, take off your mask – the mask you wear for yourself.

Discover who you were meant to be.

You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully made.

You are Special.

You are Unique – and that’s a Good thing! 😀

You are Never Alone.

You are Loved.


God made each of us with different strengths and weaknesses, but He made each of us with a plan in mind. Embrace the path He has laid out for you even when the the bumps in the road make you lose your footing and the fog hides your next resting place. Take time along the way to stoop and pick up a friend, a stranger, someone who doesn’t look like you, act like you, talk like you. Be the Good Samaritan who makes another experience God’s Perfect Love for all His imperfect People.

Take off your mask and embrace others when they do the same. Follow in the plans the Lord has laid out.

You do not have to sacrifice yourself.

You have already been Sacrificed for.

And that makes You Worthy.

Know You are Loved.

God Bless…

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