Winter Storm Pax – Life Goes On…

Winter Storm Pax shuts down gas stations
Even when life seems to have stopped, life goes on.

Winter Storm Pax hit the East Coast in full force. Near record snowfall amounts blanket much of the region, as wind howls in speeds similar to those found Category 2 hurricanes.

Schools have been shut down. Public transportation has been stalled. Flights have been cancelled. Power is out to hundreds of thousands.

Entire towns, cities, and counties from Georgia all the way up the coast have been shut down.

And Yet, in the Midst of Winter Storm Pax, Life Goes on.

While Winter Storm Pax seems to have shut life down for so many,

while so many people sit stranded in their homes,

while life seems to have come to a standstill,

it has not.

Even in storm struck areas, life goes on.

People are still eating, sleeping, working, praying.

There are those who will discover they are pregnant and those who will give birth.

There are those who will be delighted and those who will be less so.

There are those who will get scary results from tests the doctor ordered and those who give up a long fight.

There are those who will pass peacefully knowing where they are going and those who do not.

There are those who will first discover their husband’s affair and those who will have their husband walk out for the last time.

There are those who will stand on their knees, become stronger, more faith-filled and loving and those who will become hard, bitter and angry with a System that will never satisfy.

While Winter Storm Pax shuts down part of the world, that world keeps turning.

People will continue to face their own storms – storms we know nothing about, storms we cannot imagine, but still…

Life goes on. Life continues. For better or worse. Life goes on.

Even when we are oblivious to the storm. Even when we are cocooned in our warm and cosy homes, even when the ugliness is hidden away, buried by our pristine, snow covered world, life goes on.

Good and bad will continue even when we are unaware of the storms in other parts of the world, across our nation, on the other side of town, or even behind our neighbor’s closed door.

Maybe the pain another is experiencing mirrors your own more closely than you think;

maybe it mirrors something a loved one has gone through;

maybe it mirrors your future.

Maybe the joy you can find, even in the midst of the storm, can be a light to another;

maybe the love you offer him can be his lifeline;

maybe the words you pray can give her hope when hope seems lost.

We never know what another person is truly going through, but we can take a moment to pray for them because, even through the worst of storms, life goes on.

Please take a moment to pray for all those suffering through their own storms today.

For more information on Winter Storm Pax, please click here.

God Bless…