Would Planned Parenthood Sell Your Baby’s Body Parts?

Single Mom Sonogram
This is my son…

How would I describe finding out I was pregnant and alone after my husband left suddenly? Frightened, alone, confused, hurt, incapable, unqualified,…So many scary adjectives. I get it. How could a man leave a woman who is pregnant? How could a man leave his wife for another woman? This would be our 5th little boy. I was a part-time youth minister. How could I raise five boys alone?

I get it! Being pregnant and alone is no easy path. It’s frightening and hard and confusing beyond what most people can imagine. I was 39 when my ex left, but I was not immune to the whispers as I walked into church, the stares as I walked down grocery store aisles, the questions from the well meaning, the curious, and the look-down-their-noses. Being older didn’t make me less susceptible to feeling like a self-conscious teen. Some even criticized me for getting pregnant at my age and after having so many children already.

I get it!

Being pregnant and alone opens up a woman to all sorts of attacks. She questions her self-worth. Her ex has walked out, letting her know with or without words that she is not worth his time. She questions her ability to make decisions. After all, she was the one who decided to be with the baby’s father in the first place. She runs numbers through her head. How many diapers must a baby use, how many hours of sleep would be given up, how much money would giving birth cost?

The boys and me hours after Kaleb's birth
I had sole responsibility for all these little ones. I wondered how I’d ever manage.

What she may not realize is that Planned Parenthood is also questioning, is also running numbers through its books. How much of your hard earned tax money would it receive, how many more women (not babies) would be “served,” and now we find out Planned Parenthood is also asking, “How much are your baby’s body parts worth? “How much could we get for your baby’s heart, lungs, liver, etc.”

Which is kind of strange because when you walk into that abortion clinic, you are told that growing lump in your belly is just that, a lump, a lump of cells. It’s not human. It’s not viable. It has no value.

And yet, Planned Parenthood is crunching numbers, placing value on each baby’s body parts. What is the going rate for selling your baby’s body parts?What is the going rate for your baby’s heart? What is the going rate for selling a piece of yourself?

Whatever the going rate, it is not worth it. Almost six years after giving birth to my little boy, I can promise you, the life of your unborn child is priceless. Give that little heart a chance to beat for you and see if your heart doesn’t find itself beating for your baby as well! This scary time doesn’t last forever. You will be okay if you choose life. Your Baby will not be okay if you choose abortion.

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The fear of being pregnant and alone is just a memory. Now, we have so much fun together!

A lump of cells is what is removed in liposuction, and yet, that lump of cells does not demand the price of an unborn child’s lungs. The lump sucked from excess belly fat cannot hope to be held in your arms while taking its first breath the way the lungs of your unborn child hope to.

Why do the organs of unborn children demand a high price? If that lump of cells is not truly human, why is it worth more than a puppy’s organs? Why not slice open a kitten and take out its beating heart? The images are abhorrent. We wouldn’t do this because it is disgusting and wrong. Whether the butchering takes place in front of us or behind a sterile curtain where we cannot hear the cry of the creature, we know it is wrong, and yet, Planned Parenthood is okay harvesting your child’s organs for profit behind a closed door, in a sealed womb where we cannot hear the cry of the infant. Is a Baby not worth more than a puppy or a kitten? Planned Parenthood sees the value only in salable parts of the Baby, not in the Life of the Baby.

Is Planned Parenthood is giving you all the facts? Is Planned Parenthood rubbing its greedy little hands together as you cry in indecision or tremble in fear? Does Planned Parenthood have a vested interest in directing your decision, in subtly pushing you to have that abortion? Does Planned Parenthood have a back ally deal that involves your baby’s healthy heart?

And you know that secret sale must mean your Baby has a healthy, beating, beautiful heart. People don’t pay for damaged organs. They say your baby is just a lump of tissue, but that heart? That heart is perfect and fetches a nice sum for the abortionist. What kind of “doctor” sells your baby’s heart and denies it has taken your child’s life?

Kaleb asleep in church
My heart now beats for this little one.

Being pregnant and alone is more terrifying and painful than most people can understand. You counted on your Baby’s father to be with you forever, and now you have a choice – him or the Baby or maybe he’s just gone Baby or no. I get it! Trust me. I get it, but no man is worth your Baby’s life. Abortion is not a way to get a man back. What kind of man would he be then anyway. Abortion may mean you are selling your Baby’s body parts to Planned Parenthood. One day, you may realize you have sold a piece of yourself as well.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a surprise pregnancy, please reach out to a local pro-life church or group or contact me using the contact form at Single Mom Smiling. God is Good. He has a plan for you and for your child and it does not involve the sale of a piece of either of you.

This little one is truly a gift to all who know him! Thank you Lord for helping me choose Life!
This little one is truly a gift to all who know him! Thank you Lord for helping me choose Life!



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God Bless…

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