Ya Can’t Stay Stuck: Life Coaching & Me

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.44.43 PMWhen I first began Single Mom Smiling, I was in a bad place and no one understood. I had people who were there for me as much as they could be, but at the end of each day, they went home to their lives, and I was stuck, a prisoner in a life I could not escape.

I was stuck.

I had a Master’s in Curriculum Development and had once thought of becoming a school administrator, but because of having my children and an inconsistent work record, my teaching certification had expired. A Masters in Education means little without teaching certification. I had no job and no prospects of getting one. I was five months pregnant and had a 5, 7, 10, and 11 year old. Who would hire a pregnant woman? Even if I found a job, how would I handle daycare and getting the boys off to school each morning?

I was losing our home. Child support was inconsistent. My ex wouldn’t sign the papers to sell, and I couldn’t legally sell it on my own. Who would give housing to a single, unemployed Mom of five boys with a foreclosure on her credit?

I was forced to appear in Supreme Court and Family Court, waiting for hours in a scary building with unhappy people. I waited on welfare lines, only to be told my paperwork showed I was making too much child support, support I wasn’t receiving. I was helped by Churches and pastors and people I’ve never met and many who donated anonymously. My pride had been defeated.

Life was overwhelming. Just surviving each day was overwhelming. I was done, physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I was stuck,

and I didn’t see an escape.

But that was almost seven years ago, and it is a far cry from where my boys and I are today. Today, I continue to write about divorce because it is something I needed all those years ago and it just wasn’t out there. Few spoke about divorce from a Catholic or Christian view point. No one wrote from the view of a pregnant wife, suddenly abandoned.

There were many writing to bash men and to celebrate divorce. I didn’t agree with either. There were articles on dating after divorce, which are needed, but most promoted freedom in sexual conquests. I knew even then that that “freedom” would only open many hurting souls to more pain. I didn’t want that for myself or for others in similar positions.

Things had to be different to become better, and I didn’t want to be just another statistic. I wanted to help others, but to do that I needed to help myself first. I needed to get unstuck to be MORE!

Questions swam in my head, a disorganized mess: Was I really so worthless? Who had God created me to be? Was this all I was in His plan? Were my children and I destined to be stuck forever? What was I called to do? How could I be healthier physically, financially, spiritually so that I could help my family and others? What were my dreams? Could I remember how to dream? How could I achieve my dreams even if I could find them in the mist?

And then I got serious

and decided to change.

Today, I continue to write about divorce because it is an evil that harms each of us and more people need to know the Truth and know they are not alone, but today, that evil no longer lives inside of me.

Today, I no longer resemble the woman who was hurting and stuck so long ago. I completed my education through alternate pathways when it seemed all roads were blocked. I updated my teaching certification to include, not only my original elementary certification, but 7-12 math too. Today, I have a job I am thrilled with. I am more organized than I could have dreamed possible only a short time ago. Today, I laugh true laughter every day and find real Joy in big and small things. Today, I am continually amazed by what a unique and special gift from God each of my five boys is.

Today, I have a Faith in God and in myself I didn’t have

when my faith rested in what others thought of me.

Today, I have a Hope I didn’t know was possible

before Hope itself was challenged.

Today, I’ve found a Love I couldn’t have known existed

because I didn’t know what it meant to be Loved.

Today, I have moved far beyond the stuck

and have found my calling to be MORE!

And I want to help other women

discover their call to MORE too!

For several years now, women in transition have been writing to me for advice, but what I know for certain is that what works for one does not work for all, and so I’ve been taking life coaching classes through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and expect to have PCC certification through the International Coaches Federation in 2016.

Life coaching is about giving you the freedom to dream again and the power to articulate that dream, to make a whisper that passes by in the wind a solid reality.

As a life coach, I help you in areas you want to improve. Over the last few years, I’ve worked with women on a variety of issues and would love to help you or someone you know too.

Whether you are getting Married or facing divorce, pregnant for the first time or the fifth, a new Mom or a Mom raising opinionated toddlers, parenting rebellious teens, or kissing your young adult good bye as he heads into a world new to both of you, whether you are deciding to be a stay at home mom, returning to work, or just looking to update skills and move ahead in your present company, and whether you are looking to get physically or financially fit, I have experience with it all and want to help you set realistic goals and achieve your dreams!

I KNOW it is possible!

I have done it.

And I can help you do it too!

I know this sounds a little like an advertisement; that’s because it is one. I am putting myself out there, as I have for years, because I believe in what I am doing and think, with God’s help, I can help others, both those in transition and those who just want to reach for their MORE! 

I Hope you check out my new site, TRPLifeCoaching.com, follow my social media, and share, SHARE, SHARE!!! I would so appreciate it! Let me know what you think!

I’m hoping we can commit to making a change for 2016. I am offering special, one time only discounts now through January 1st and will offer future discounts to my TRP subscribers and members of the US Military and their immediate families. If you need additional discounts, please contact me so we can figure out a plan (such as group coaching which will be averrable in 2016, or something similar) that will work for both of us.

Thanks so much and as always,

God Bless…

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Looking for someone who's "been there" to help you discover The Right Path for You? I now do women's life coaching - empowering women to discover there more. Click for details & God Bless...
Looking for someone who’s “been there” to help you discover The Right Path for You? I now do women’s life coaching – empowering women to discover their more. Click for details & God Bless…