Z is for Zoo – The Home of a Single Mom & Five Boys!

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There are always good and bad things about life in a zoo.

Okay, so Z is for Zoo is not the most original post.

I had planned to write, “Z is for Zhora, North Star Guide Us Home.” I thought I remembered hearing Zhora used for the North Star when I was a small child, but I can’t find any information on that topic,

So here we are at Z is for Zoo, which kind of fits life with five boys.

Like a zoo…

Our house is always just a bit messier than I’d like.

Our house is often just a bit smellier than I’d like.

Our house is more expensive to run than I’d like.

But, our house is like a zoo in other ways too.

Like a zoo…

Our house always has something…interesting going on (“interesting” may be an understatement!)

Our house usually has something good to eat, usually homemade treats.

And most importantly, our house always has lots of love and laughter and fun.

My house will never be the old farmhouse I’d always dreamed of. I’ll never get the cabin in the woods I’d always wished for. I’ll probably never get the acres of land my soul longs to explore,

But I had pretty much given up on those dreams years ago when my husband wanted the house we built together. I’d traded in my dreams for his and made his dreams my own. If a house meant less to me than the people I loved then, I have only learned how much less it means now.

My house shelters my children.

And that’s all I really need it to do.

My dreams will have to wait.

Some of those dreams will never come true through no fault of my own.

But God’s dreams for us can come true.

I can trust that God will fulfill whatever plans He has for me,

if not in this life, then in the next.

I can love my boys and the Zoo-y life we have

with all my grateful heart.

When life doesn’t work the way we hope, when life gets a bit crazy, a bit zoo-y, we have to actively search for the positives and remember to enjoy the little things.

Your Turn To Share:

When life doesn’t go the way you planned, how do you find the good?

God Bless…

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    Special Mention for Single Mom Smiling. She received lots of clicks…but linked up her general blog address, so I can’t really tell which of her posts was most popular.

    1. Thanks, Melanie! I didn’t realize posts were tracked or that I linked anything other than the actual post. I have SO much to learn! 🙂
      Now that the A-Z Challenge is over, I’m looking forward to submitting to ACWB again! Thanks for all your hard work to make this such a wonderful site!

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