What is a Catholic Marriage?

The word Marriage brings up different images depending on who is doing the imagining. A naive young girl may dream of Prince Charming and living happily ever after while a jaded, under appreciated old woman many be so overcome by marital regret she can’t remember any fairy tale dreams she once held dear. Ask a…

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The Reality of a Single Mom’s Mother’s Day

single mom and child figurine on Mothers Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day where Mom gets breakfast in bed, celebrates Mass with a picture-perfect family, is given flowers, cards, and macaroni necklaces, and then sent to the spa for a massage or mani-pedi before being treated to dinner. You know the deal. Mother’s Day is the stuff Hallmark thrives on! Mother’s Day is the one day all year…

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A Different Kind of Good – A Marital Abandonment Anniversary

Me in Blue Dress - "A Different Kind of Good After Marital Abandonment"

As many abandoned spouses know, today’s marital abandonment doesn’t always mean desertion. While society congratulates the parent who moves out for staying “involved,” it largely ignores longterm challenges abandoned spouses face redefining themselves and filling emptiness left behind when children visit the deserting parent. Last week I celebrated another anniversary in my journey through abandonment. On October 11th, 2011, I wrote my first post for Single…

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Good Bye Grandpa, Navy Pilot, NYPD Captain, & My Hero

My Grandfather, Lieutenant Commander, Navy WWII Pilot, and NYPD Captain, better known as My Hero (to me anyway), passed away suddenly last week. He was 94. My heart hurts… It wasn’t my weekend with my kids so I had to go tell them their Great Grandfather had passed. I can hardly write the words now. I…

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