Can Fasting Save America from Itself?

Can Fasting Save America from Itself? Woman on wall overlooking city

Unseen babies aborted because a mother has plans that don’t include her child. Infanticide of sobbing little ones because they don’t measure up in some way. Children separated from families within the border of a land foreign to them. Gender idolatry, sexuality used to please me in my moment, the destruction of Marriage and family.…

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Understanding No Fault Divorce, Suicide, & Kate Spade

Red scarf (Kate Spade's suicide method) left on tree

Kate Spade committed suicide by hanging herself with a red scarf in her upscale NYC apartment last Tuesday morning. Tuesday was a beautiful day in New York City. The sun was shining; the temperature was ideal in the mid 70’s. A new week was still unfolding, yet in Kate Spade’s world, something sinister was unfolding…

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Pregnancy, Abandonment, & The March for Life

Pregnant Abandoned Woman at Sunset

As I prepare to head to Washington DC for the annual March for Life, I can’t help but feel reflective. It’s hard to believe almost nine years ago to this day, I sat on the edge of the bed I shared with my husband in the big house we were building ourselves. It’s hard to picture the four, carefree little boys…

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If It Takes a Village, What’s Your Role in Another’s Marriage, Divorce, & Family

Marriage, Divorce, Family - Woman Talking to Bride

I didn’t think my first return post would be for literally everyone except those suffering unhappy Marriages, yet that’s where God led with Sunday, September 10th’s readings. As always, God’s Wisdom is right on target. When something as important as Marriage, divorce, and family are involved, sometimes it makes sense to go those around the struggle before going to…

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