Ben-Hur the Movie & the Enslavement of You

Ben-Hur& Enslavement - racing Roman chariot

The opening scenes of the Ben-Hur movie showed the racing horse trip and fall violently throwing its young rider from its back. It made me want to turn from the screen and curl into a little ball or simply leave the theater all together. I stayed though because I’m not a quitter. I don’t believe in…

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Dream Bigger – Ask for MORE & Keep Asking!

Woman praying - Dream Bigger, Ask for MORE Keep asking

I’d love a beautiful house. It doesn’t have to be huge, just well designed and tastefully decorated on a nice piece of land in the suburbs or, better yet, in a rural setting, preferably the mountains. I’d like a job that pays well, has good benefits, and the flexibility to work when and where I…

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Amoris Laetitia Helps a Single Mom Revisit the Synod on the Family

The Pope Amoris Laetitia Synod Single Mom

I was disappointed with the Synod on the Family. I believe the Catholic Church had the best intentions but that it missed great opportunities to strengthen marriage and families, prevent divorce, and clarify misunderstandings. I doubt many truly know what being divorced is or who you are tempted to become when divorce is thrust at you. I doubt many…

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Divorce & the Holy Spirit: Fire, Wind, & a New Language

divorce, Holy Spirit - Fire, Wind, Language - Woman Silhouette flying away

I’m sure Biblical scholars would give reasons far better than I about why wind and fire were chosen by the Holy Spirit, but, as I sat in the pews last Sunday and read the week’s Bible passages, I was again struck by the appearance of the Holy Spirit and how significant His appearance is for anyone…

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In Divorce, I Met the Holy Spirit

divorce, Holy Spirit - Silhouette Woman, Sunset

I made Confirmation in sixth grade. Big deal. I graduated from the right side of my small public school to my junior/senior high school on the left side of the building that same year. More people came to that so if you’re basing importance on people, I’d guess sixth grade graduation was more important. As…

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