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flowerAlice contacted me in March of 2013. Her simple words speak to my heart and help me remember the desperation I felt in the immediate aftermath and the several months and even years after my husband left me pregnant. Her hope and faith, her struggle to Let Go and Let God are inspiring. Having two little ones at home has got to be a challenge needing and worthy of Divine intervention.

Lord, our one perfect Father, please help Alice and her children get through this difficult time with strength, grace, and love. Help them find peace that comes from knowing they are worthwhile to you. ~ Amen

(Please add your prayers for Alice and her family in the comments section. Thank you.)

Alice, thank you for reaching out. You are in my prayers, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

God Bless…

Thank you for your blog. The flat tire story  is really giving me strength today. I’m pregnant, have a one year old and my husband left a month ago. I have gone through, anger, resentment, and now am trying to Let Go and Let God. This morning I was listening to a Christian radio station when Third Day song- I need a miracle came on. What a beautiful song. Anyhow, thank you so much!

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