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Ever wonder what God's plan is?

Ever wonder if there is more to life?

Ever feel like you're spinning wheels and going nowhere fast?

It doesn't have to be that way!

Nuture your authentic self.

Be the mom your family deserves.

Discover skills to grow resilience, optimism, and opportunity.

Embrace who God created you to be.

Coach with Kerri now!

According to the International Federation of Coaches


67% of clients improve work-life balance.


73% of clients improved their relationships.


80% of clients felt more self-confident.


99% of clients would coach again.

Coaching with Kerri

"Life coaching with Kerri has been a Godsend for me! I was looking for someone who could lead me out of my darkness and into the light and truth God wants for me. Her keen ear and probing questions have helped me find my truth and my beauty and dig deep within myself. Her rooted faith and keen ear to listen, patient and probing with the Holy Spirit has empowered me to see the dignity I have within myself. She challenges me, listens attentively, and makes me laugh! I’m becoming more of who God created me to be with her guidance, and I feel more Hopeful, Joyful and Thankful!"
~ Colleen 2018

"As I began this process with (Kerri), my life coach, she made me feel comfortable and self-introspective as she asked key, guiding questions to help simplify my path. My repeated response often to her keen questions: 'Hmm. That’s a really good question. Never thought of that.'"

~ Lynn, Florida 2015

"I always knew (Kerri) was listening well. Her coaching presence made me feel at ease, and I always loved when she'd incorporate a bit of humor, since she knew I needed it. She also asked very good questions - consistently. Queen of the powerful questions."

~ Jennifer 2017

"(Kerri) was able to look at things from multiple angles and provide fresh insights and challenges that I could not think of, as was so enmeshed in the situation. She was full of grace and kindness and very encouraging. I think because of her life experience she is able to provide wisdom and courage to others."

~ Kalina 2018

"My best testimony for (coaching with Kerri) is that I do dream now, and I am actually excited about whatever the future holds as I’m going forward with plans, instead of stagnating with the past or stalled in the present. I’d forgotten how much I loved riding my bike! I look forward to taking my boys camping! I’m getting that babysitter so that I can carve out some time to take walks, have a glass of wine with girlfriends, go out to eat, etc.  

Here’s another best testimony: I’ve signed up for more sessions with Kerri to now focus on healthy, active lifestyle and losing weight because I’m learning to value myself again. I want to be active and healthy because it makes me feel good and I have much more to contribute to my family. Plus, I want to wear cute clothes.

And sometimes, you just need to hear from someone (other than your mother) – that it is okay to dream, permission to value yourself, desire more, and to feel you are good enough. Kerri helped me to rise above the fray and see my beauty in this renewal I was experiencing and it was immensely empowering."


Life Coaching that actually works!

Pretty much anyone can claim to be a life coach, but I never wanted to be "just anyone." When the first woman, a stranger, literally showed up on my doorstep looking for help because she knew I'd "been there too," I knew I wouldn't be content with just my experiences. I researched. I discovered. I sought. I planned. I developed. I took the hardships and found God's path. I smiled! 

Today, I work with women and families around the world to strengthen Marriages and families, help God's children celebrate their faith, and build the dream that has nothing to do with materialism and short term values and everything to do with lasting riches.

Where would you fall on the Wheel of Life?

Friends & Family
Fun & Leisure
Significant Other
Home Environment

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Life Coaching with Kerri

Kerri is an ICF certified life coach, professionally trained through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. She is a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach, and a SYMBIS certified Marriage coach.

Contact Kerri today for a brighter tomorrow!

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