Amy’s Story

Beautiful pink flower overcoming gray backg
Amy outshines the darkness.

Amy is a mother of two whose husband left while she was pregnant with their second child, but that is just the beginning of her story.

I am proud to say Amy is now going back to school so that she can provide a future for her children. She is also discovering how precious she is and how beautiful God’s love for her and her children is. She takes life one day at a time with some good days and some bad days, which also inspires me to keep going.

Amy and I now correspond frequently, and I look forward to hearing from her as she begins contributing her voice to Single Mom Smiling.

I first met Amy through this comment she left on the page, God Gave Free Will. As you read her words, feel her pain and place Amy and her children in your prayers. Thank you, and God Bless…

I found this page around March of 2013. At the time my husband and I had separated and I was planning the birth of our second child due in April. I had a feeling there was someone else but he denied it every time I asked. I was so shocked that on christmas eve he told me he wanted a divorce We had a few arguments in the previous months and I think me being pregnant and sick triggered them. I was so sick during my pregnancy that I went down 20 pounds. I could not keep anything down, it was horrible. I was doing the best to take care of our 5 year old son while trying to keep myself out of the emergency room. This was not an unexpected pregnancy and neither was my first. Once I got sick my husband spent more and more of his off time in front of his xbox. After he left I decided out of desperation to look up reasons men leave their pregnant wives and that’s when I found this page. After I had my daughter who is now 7 months I found out that he had been having an affair since the beginning of November with a older woman he met through work. While I was trying to fix my marriage and begging him to reconsider he had been in the process of buying a new home with this woman. I felt so alone. So afraid. So stupid. I think the fact that I had read some of your posts while pregnant prepared me a little in my mind for what I later found to be true. I came back to this page as I was thinking about your situation. I am now going through the divorce process, and going back and forth on how much he will give me to raise our children. I have no job, and I have no education. I am staying with my mother, and or home is in foreclosure. All the while he is living with his girlfriend in their new home, bought a nice truck for himself and rarely sees our children. He has nothing to do with his first born daughter that is not mine by blood but will always be mine in my heart. I am blessed that my children and I still see her even though my x dropped her around the time he dropped us. His new girlfriend has a son that he spends more time with then his own children. Sometimes I wonder how I could have married such a man. A man that is so selfish, a man who only cares for worldly possessions and himself. It has been the hardest year of my life. The only thing that has helped me through my pregnancy was my faith and my kids. I have questioned a few times if I was being punished by God. I have thought of what I could have done to make my Marriage work. I have had regrets. In the end seeing how he has treated his own children has made me realize that while I have made many mistakes, I could not stop his decision. I could not control what he did. He wanted freedom from our family not just me. I am far from perfect, but I would have been worth trying to fix our marriage, and not resorting to an affair while I was carrying our child. Everything that has happened to me reminds me so much of your story. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my struggles. I am glad you made this page. Your words have helped me to be prepared for the truth when I found out about what my husband had been doing behind my back while I was pregnant.

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