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Iba contacted me with a story similar to mine in that she was pregnant by her husband of 20 years, was surviving on little income, less child support, and a court system that still favors the monied spouse, proving that, even in America, our justice system is not based on justice at all, but on how much “justice” one can buy.

To be an “older mom” and face the end of your marriage presents challenges different from that of a younger woman. Reading her comments, one can see the difficulties women face when there are several children involved and so much of your life has revolved around one man. Even when confronted with abuse, many people find it difficult to truly move on.

Dear Heavenly Father, please lift Iba up. She feels like her back is against the wall, trapped by a life neither you nor she would have chosen for her. Help her find the strength to get to know your peace and see mercy and value through your eyes. She is overwhelmed Lord. Please help her attain peace and wisdom. ~ Amen

Please join me in praying for Iba and for so many others worldwide who are experiencing the horror of abuse and divorce by leaving your prayers in the comments section below. Thank you.

Iba, I hope to hear from you soon. 

God Bless you and your family, Iba…

I’m against the wall, I’ve hired a lawyer for a divorce which has gone very ugly fighting over our kids custody and child support. The only reason we filed in the first place is bc we constantly fought and argued about money and past issues… my husband was always very controlling and used verbal abuse to get to me, until I finally got tired of it and decided to file.. I tried moving on.. reunited with a great friend from a far distance, and started to ultimately see eachother after 3 months into theseparation.. however during the time my husband realized I.was seeing someone else he came back and tried to get bk with me…. although we constantly fought and argued abt the same things- we always ended up seeing eachother… I’m pregnant from my husband of 20 years we got pregnant while we were going thru this divorce- he walked out on us and doesn’t help whatsoever. Ive had to maintain my house repairs my 3 children I nearly make ends meet with my own little notary and insurance business. He kicked me out of our auto repair shop back in august and I had no choice but to rent another office.. my mom has helped me in the process. Yet he’s been fighting for the kids and had pretty much gotten everything in his favor. My lawyer isn’t and hasn’t done anything in my favor. It’s been a year. I need a second opinion. Please make me an appointment to see you. If I keep this lawyer everything stays the same my husband gets to see the kids he pays me the minimum in child support I get nothing from our business and yet I have to pay for our home mortgage payments just doesn’t make any sense why he came back to me during our seperation and got me pregnant now he wants nothing to do with me. Bashes belittles and throws in my face how I tried to move on and I started a relationship with someone else… after knowing all that he still came bk.. I just don’t know what to think he tells everyone this baby is not his bc he’s embarrassed of admitging that he came bk to me thruout ourseparation… I love him. I have 3 kids with him 4th on the way, and all I ever wanted to do was be happy… now he wants nothing to do with me. I don’t understand it… thank you for reading my post maybe you guys can give me some advice Or motivate me.. I’m due in 3 wks and he hasn’t tried doing anything for me or this baby… I find myself depressed and thinking what I did wrong. But it all points back to just trying to move on after he constantly told me he didn’t want me anymore… Thx

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