Things A Catholic Single Mom Says in Confessession

It’s amazing the things you’ll tell a girlfriend or post on social media or write about in a secret diary your kids might find one day that you won’t say aloud in the confessional. Maybe this post should be titled, “Things a Catholic Single Mom Won’t Say in Confession!” I wasn’t a big fan of…

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Coincidences & Gifts of Marian Consecration Day

Mary and Rosary Beads in front of Tabernacle Marian Consecration Feast of Our Lady Lourdes

I woke early the morning of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. After a long struggle, and what I now see as Satan’s attempt to stop me from loving My Mary, the Light had finally dawned – literally and figuratively. That brighter Light is something I’ll never forget – or explain adequately. The day was…

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The Wounds of Love

Wounds on Hands of Married Couple

I use very few guest posts on SingleMomSmiling mostly because submissions do not fit my message of hope and healing through the Lord. Pretty much anyone can write a piece on divorce nowadays. It takes someone special to see God working through it. This post is written by one of those special people. Poet of…

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